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About Satdha

Satdha is a Chef driven restaurant that offers a unique take on classic Thai dishes and some not so familiar menu items. Satdha does not use fake meats, but relies on Chef Gunn Pankum’s skill in coaxing the best out of vegetables, cooked with her flair for innovation and skill in the complex layering of seasoning and flavoring. Comforting, nurturing food is what you will find at Satdha, food truly cooked with love. Satdha is proud to be serving Plant Based Thai cuisine since 2013

Several dishes from Satdha
Several dishes from Satdha

10th Year Anniversary Dinner

10-Course Tasting Menu
10-course tasting menu


Satdha, Plant Based Thai Kitchen Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary with Special Tasting Menu

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 2, 2023 – Satdha, the pioneering Plant Based Thai Kitchen, proudly celebrates its 10th year of bringing exquisite gourmet vegan Thai delicacies to Los Angeles. In honor of this landmark occasion, Chef Gunn Pankum will present a special 10 course Dinner celebrating 10 years of culinary excellence. This culinary celebration will be held, at the restaurant, on November 9th, 2023.

Since its inception, Satdha has been a beacon for innovative and soulful plant-based Thai cuisine. Their dedication to authenticity, combined with a contemporary twist, has made them a staple in the L.A. dining scene. 

Chef Gunn Pankum, with her exemplary skills and passion for Thai vegan dishes, has played an integral role in shaping Satdha’s reputation. For this special event, she has crafted an exclusive tasting menu that will introduce new tantalizing dishes, pushing the boundaries of what vegan Thai cuisine can be.

The 10th Anniversary celebration will be Thursday November 9, 2023, with two seatings at 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm, PDT. This offers diners the flexibility to choose a time that best suits their schedule while ensuring an intimate dining experience.

Reservations for this highly anticipated event are expected to fill up quickly. Interested parties are encouraged to book their seats at their earliest convenience to avoid disappointment. Please visit www.satdhakitchen.com to purchase your tickets.

About Satdha, Plant Based Thai Kitchen:
Established in 2013, Satdha is a Chef driven restaurant that has been a frontrunner in plant-based Thai cuisine in Los Angeles. Their commitment to fresh ingredients, traditional techniques, and innovative flavors has won them a loyal clientele and numerous accolades over the years. 

Satdha, Plant Based Thai Kitchen    

2218 Lincoln Blvd    Santa Monica, CA. 90405    (310) 450-6999   

Open Tues – Sunday 4:00pm – 9:00pm closed Mondays www.satdhakitchen.com
Instagram @satdha 

Seasonal Special
Green Papaya Salad
Taro Tapioca Pudding
Mussaman Curry
Pad Thai
Shallot Tempeh
Grilled Oyster Mushroom
Prik King
Mung Bean Croquette
Khao Yum
Vegan Chicharrones Prik King
Grilled Mushroom
Lion's Mane Mushroom (Fried Chicken)
Khao Soi (Thai Northern Style Noodles)
Jackfruit Pate
Beet Dyed Noodles
Nam Tok
Vermicelli with mushroom coconut curry sauce
Catfish Eggplant
Restaurant Atmosphere
Snap Pea Thai Salad
Green Curry Fried Rice
Tao Huay Nam Khing
Por Pia Sod
Chef Gunn Pankum
Yen Ta Fo Noodles
Guay Tiew Nam Tok
Guay Jab


(g) – gluten free, (gfo) – gluten free option


Jackfruit Pate’ (gf)

Served with Bitter Nut Creackers

Meang Kham (gf)

chard wrap with shredded coconut, cashew, shiitake bacon, lime zest, shallots, ginger, chili, flavored with herb tamarind chutney

Mung Bean Croquette

mung bean and mushroom thai meatball with sweet toasted chili-cilantro sauce

Grilled Oyster Mushroom (gf)

Marinated in coriander root soy sauce iwth Thai cilantro chimichurri sauce

Tod Munn

Thai Un-fish cake, chickpeas, green beans, kefir lime leaves, curry paste, crispy basil with cucumber peanuts relish

Endive Cups (gf)

Endives filled with “cashew-tuna”, coconut, ginger, lemongrass, peanuts shallots, green onion, cilantro and Thai chili lime flavor


Kabocha Cream Soup (gf)

coconut cream and squash base with a hint of ginger

Tom Kha (gf)

Coconut, lemongrass base with banana blossom, oyster mushrooms, tomato and cilantro

Tom Yum (gf)

Hot and sour base with lemongrass, 3 types of mushrooms, tomato and cilantro


Green Papaya Salad (gf)

Shredded green papaya, tomato, green beans, ground peanuts, chili and lime dressing

Larb (gf)

Minced tofu, mushrooms, shallots, toasted rice powder, green onions, mint and flavored with chili lime

Num Tok (gf)

Grilled trumpet mushrooms, shallots, toasted rice powder, green onions, Thai basil and flavored with chili lime

Snap Pea Thai Salad (gf)

Thinly sliced snap peas, toasted coconut, ground peanuts, crispy shallots, baked tofu, flavored with chili tamarind coconut cream

(g) – gluten free, (gfo) – gluten free option

Green Curry Rice

Jasmine brown rice with young bamboo shoots, green beans, green peppers, kefir lime leaves, Thai basil and baked tofu with green curry paste

Kow Mun Kai (gf)

Garlic shallot ginger flavored brown rice with grilled king trumpet mushrooms, yuba, and a chili flavored fermented black bean sauce, served with cucumbers, and a cup of spinash soup 

Pad Thai (gfo)

Rice noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, garlic chives, peanuts and pickled carrot

Mung Bean threads Pad Thai (gfo)

Mung bean threads, tofu, bean sprouts, garlic chives, peanuts and pickled carrot

Beet Dyed Noodles (gf)

Rice vermicelli infused with beet juice, baked tofu, crispy shallots, garlic chives, bean sprouts, yuba and pickled radish, flavored with coconut, tamarind and fermented soy bean  

Vermicelli with mushroom coconut curry sauce (gf)

Rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, green beans, carrots, sweet basil, pickled mustard greens, with a mushroom coconut curry sauce

Vermicelli with mung bean coconut curry sauce (gf)

Rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, ong choy, green beans, banana blossom, crispy shallots with a mung bean – peanuts coconut curry sauce


Catfish Eggplant

Battered eggplant iwht red curry paste, bell peppers, young pepper corn and Thai basil

Koa Kling (gf)

Sator beans (stink beans), ground tofu, kefir lime leaves with authentic tumeric curry paste

Prik King (gfo)

Green beans, tofu, red curry paste, bell peppers, kefir lime leaves and Thai basil

Shallot Tempeh

Garlic and coriander root marinated tempeh with broccoli, topped with crispy shallots. Pickled red onions

Mussaman Curry (gfo)

Peanut flavored Thai curry with fried tofu, potatoes, onions, carrots, roasted peanut served with cucumber relish

Green Curry (gf)

Chick peas, baby bamboo shoots, Thai eggplant, bell pepper, green beans, Thai basil in a green curry sauce

Yellow Curry (gfo)

Fried tofu, carrots, potatoes, onions in a yellow curry sauce


Ong Choy

Water spinach, garlic, chili, fermented black bean paste

Baby Bok Choy (gf)

 Sautéed with garlic and chili

Chinese Broccoli (gf)

 Sautéed with garlic and chili

Rainbow Chard

with orange mustard sauce and golden raisins

Chive Blossom (gf)

Sautéed with baked tofu and garlic

Brussel sprouts (gf)

 Sautéed with garlic and chili and shiitake bacon


Brown rice (gf)

Sticky rice (gf)

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Coconut sticky rice with mango (gf)

Coconut ice cream (gf)

Taro tapioca pudding (gf)

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